2-Legged to Human: The Adventure of a Lifetime

“Two-legged” is a term used in some North American Native traditions to describe a person who is approaching their life from baser instincts and societal programming. It is only when a person is living their life from the heart that they are considered a “human.” This workshop is an exploration into the process of evolving from a two-legged into a human from the perspective of an ancient shamanic philosophy known as “The Seven Doorways of the Heart.”

The teaching of The Seven Doorways of the Heart is a guide into progressively deeper states of awareness, culminating at the seventh doorway, which brings one into the realm of the soul. Each doorway is opened through the process of aligning with an Original Thought, also known as a Pure Truth Statement, which acts as a “divine affirmation” that brings healing to the “2-legged” parts of one’s consciousness. This process can be described as a journey in which, with each step, everything around you progressively disappear until finally it is just you ... and then you become a part of everything.

In this workshop, you will experience a practice that can become a pathway of deep personal healing, understanding, and growth if you so choose. You will learn how to access the state of awareness necessary to work effectively with the seven Pure Truth statements, a way to activate the statements, and a way to call forward and heal parts of yourself that are in resistance to each statement.

Samuel Eagle HeartSamuel Eagle Heart


On this evening Samuel Eagle Heart will give an overview of the “2-Legged to Human” workshop by teaching an ancient shamanic posture known as “Standing Father/Earth Mother.” A shamanic posture is much like a yoga pose and involves putting one’s physical body into a position that opens one to accessing specific energies.

The Standing Father/Earth Mother posture connects one to the principles and energies that will be taught in more detail in the weekend workshop.


In private healing sessions, Samuel Eagle Heart will be offering an ancient shamanic crystal healing called “The Sacred Wind Ceremony.” The first step in this healing is to diagnose and name the pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting that is preventing you from more fully manifesting the dream of your heart into physical reality. Then the ceremony will begin, and the crystals will be placed on and around you in a specific way that awakens them to the purpose of healing and realigning the pattern with Sacred Truth. During the ceremony, you will be guided through a process of relaxation and activation of the pattern to help the crystals to do their work.

Samuel Eagle Heart has been a shamanic teacher and healer for over 20 years. He is the author of the book “Feathers of Fire,” a guide to awakening the Phoenix energy of transformation and rebirth that lives within every person. He lives in Telluride, Colorado.