About Us

Chappy__Emily_Watsu_afterglowWild Grace Wellness Center began as a dream. It grew in the hearts of Emily Estes and George Chapman. Ledyard High School sweethearts from 1973 to 1976, they reconnected at their 25th high school reunion in 2000. Emily was living in Rhode Island and George was in Maine. It didn't take long for them to realize that they had a second chance at true love and married in 2003. They built a log home in Dresden and began to cultivate the land. As they planted flowers and herb gardens, built a fire pit and began hiking the hills along the Kennebec, they noticed the special energy of this beautiful land. They saw many species of birds, eagles, chipmunks and squirrels galore, deer, red fox, coyotes, a white ermine in the wood pile and even a bear down at the gravel pit!

In 2008, after operating a small, outdoor Watsu pool in their backyard, they recognized their desire to create a year-round therapy center. It was their greatest wish to be of service and share the beauty of Midcoast Maine with the local community and visitors. They created the vision of Wild Grace Wellness Center; a special place with a warm water therapy pool and lots of big windows overlooking the gardens and woods; a welcoming space in which to experience the peace and quiet of mother earth and the warmth of human compassion; and to build it as "green" as possible.

In keeping with the shared respect they have for the earth, and Emily's Shamanic Healing practices, the land was blessed and the trees thanked for giving their lives for the project. Then with careful planning, Emily and  George began creating a healthy, clean and welcoming space free of chemicals, as energy efficient as possible and using local products. The results are impressive!

Wild Grace features solar hot water, radiant floor heat, energy-efficient propane back-up, Nu-Wool cellulose insulation from recycled newspapers, 10-inch thick walls for superior insulation, and a 2-inch thick "Go Green" closed-cell foam insulation envelope on the inside walls and roof. The log siding is from locally harvested white pine trees. The majority of the windows and doors, the spiral stairs and kitchen cabinets are all recycled from Dr. Paul Estes' summer home in RI before it was demolished.

The air quality inside Wild Grace is monitored by two Lifebreath air exchangers. In the pool room a Lifebreath 1200 heat recovery and air exchange unit quietly removes humid air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. The HRV unit also pre-heats incoming air so the pool room feels comfortable both entering and exiting the 94-degree pool water. The warm, saltwater therapy pool is filled with sparkling clean Maine lake water and is disinfected by a saline generator. Pure crystal salt was added to the clean lake water and the saline generator electro-magnetically separates the NA from the CL, creating natural chlorine which is gentle on hair, skin, eyes and bathing suits. You never smell or feel chlorine in the Wild Grace pool!

In 2010, George became a certified pool and spa operator. Wild Grace is licensed by the state of Maine as a public swimming pool and meets all national and state guidelines for safety and cleanliness. The pool and spa at Wild Grace passed a Maine state health department inspection in December, 2010 and we are proud to say all our pool chemistry and records are in compliance with the new state laws governing public swimming pools that went into effect in September of 2010.