Aquatic Therapy

9Wild Grace Wellness Center features the only 94 degree, saltwater therapy pool in Midcoast Maine offering aquatic therapy and exercise in a spa setting.


Aquatic therapy can deliver amazing results. In fact, many patients say that aquatic therapy is the highlight of their day. They feel energized, relaxed and often pain free after a pool session.

Baby Bella PoolWater aerobic classes are designed to deliver a cardiovascular workout in water and the participants follow an instructor through a routine. An excellent water exercise program was designed by the Arthritis Foundation and the YMCA specifically for arthritis patients. It is performed slower and in warm water and led by a certified instructor. Aqua Zen classes, based on AFYAP principles, are offered at Wild Grace. Please check the calendar tab for more information.


Group Pool shotAquatic therapy is ideal for the treatment of back, neck and joint pain, balance problems, weakness, chronic pain and joint replacement surgeries, both pre and post operatively. It is often prescribed for pre and post partum pain and gentle conditioning. It is also the modality of choice for pain-related problems like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Complex Regional Pain Disorder and other complex neurological issues. Parkinson's patients often benefit from aquatic therapy.

It has also been used for the non-weight bearing phase of athletic injuries. Many professional and Olympic athletes have turned to aquatic therapy for conditioning during healing and fast return to their sport. It can also be the best place to address muscle pain after an injury, fall, car accident or those weekend muscle strains and sprains.