12Watsu™ (WAT-sue), on its simplest level, Shiatsu-based massage and deep stretching performed in warm water. Watsu is perhaps one of the most therapeutic and relaxing aquatic therapy treatments available today. Developed by Harold Dull in Harbin Hot Springs, CA, it combines gentle, deep stretches to joints, massage to muscles to release restrictions in soft tissues and stimulation of energy meridians to restore balance. It is best performed in 96° saltwater.


Wild Grace Wellness Center has the only 94° saltwater Watsu pool in Midcoast Maine. It is an indoor, in ground pool built to medical therapy pool specifications by Noreaster Quality Design Pools. It is a 94° saltwater pool with a saline generator that creates natural chlorine. Easy on eyes, skin and bathing suits, there is no smell of chlorine both in the water or the air. The Watsu pool at Wild Grace also features a state of the art LIFEBREATH air dehumidification unit designed to keep the air fresh, sweet and pure.

Upload Sept._8_2011_033The pool at Wild Grace has been inspected and approved by the Maine State Health Department. Wild Grace Wellness Center is located in a new, commercial building in Dresden, ME with complete handicapped accessibility and meets all fire and safety building codes.

Watsu offers many levels of healing to those who allow themselves to be cradled, rocked, massaged, stretched and moved through warm water. With floats placed at the knees, those receiving the treatment are completely supported as the body is moved through a series of stretches and movements that are deeply nurturing and relaxing. Necks are expertly supported by the therapist or special neck floats and faces NEVER go under water (unless it is requested).

1Watsu is a safe and often pain free way to treat stress related symptoms such as neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and many different types of injuries. Free-floating while being supported gives the body permission to let go and unwind. Buoyancy relieves pressure from gravity, reduces tension on the spine and creates an opportunity to go deeply into a meditative state. Watsu invites quiet reflection and often allows for emotional releases and restores feelings of peace and well-being. Many clients report profound experiences, memories and insights that have changed their lives.

Emily Estes, LPTA, LMT, Watsu Practitioner has studied with Harold Dull in California and his protégé, Minaksi, in Florida. She completed her Watsu training in 1996 and has been dreaming of creating a year-round Watsu therapy pool for 15 years. Emily and her husband George Chapman worked together for 3 years to build and create the healing space that is now Wild Grace. Opened in December, 2010, her dream has become a beautiful reality.

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60 minutes $120 or 120 minutes $220.