George Robert Chapman

Cutie-PieCo-owner of Wild Grace Wellness Center

Wild Grace Wellness Center co-owner George Chapman is Emily's husband. George has a long and diverse background in engineering, construction trades, teaching and community service. An electrical engineer since 1984, he specializes in crane controls and power systems. Using his many skills as an electrician, plumber, carpenter and designer, he was instrumental in the construction of Wild Grace Wellness Center.

George is the Senior Electrical Engineer for FMC BIOPOLYMER in Rockland, ME.

George is a true outdoor enthusiast. His extensive involvement in hunting, fishing, shooting sports, rock and ice climbing and water sports has given him a deep understanding of the natural world. He enjoys spending time in the woods, waterways and mountains, especially if he can introduce others to the wonders of Maine's natural beauty.

Due to his strong commitment to serving others, George joined the Ledyard Fire Company in Ledyard, CT in 1976. He has over twenty years' experience as an active firefighter, serving seven of those years as Chief of the fire company. Also during that time George served as a police officer on the Ledyard Police Department. In partnership with a couple of close friends he started the Ledyard Karate Club and developed the Northeastern Combat Karate style of martial arts. His over thirty-five year background in Pai Lum Kung Fu and Shotokan karate has given him an intimate understanding of not only the physical aspects of martial arts, but the spiritual and philosophical as well. After earning his black belt George ran the club for nine years, teaching martial arts to students whose ages ranged from six to sixty.

For guests visiting Wild Grace and participating in the "Play and Stay" program, you'll get to know George. He is the certified pool operator, the spa operator, the building maintenance man and the best breakfast cook you'll ever meet. He also bakes an amazing loaf of bread, superb scones and his buttermilk pancakes are divine. After breakfast, a quiet canoe ride on the Kennebec River, hiking or climbing in close-by Maine state parks or time at the shooting range are just a few of the activities George enjoys sharing with visitors.