April 3, 2013

For the past two years, I had experienced adhesive capsulitis, commonly called frozen shoulder. First evident in my left shoulder, I received traditional physical therapy which did not seem to help much. Over several months, my left shoulder pain resolved itself. However, this past summer my right shoulder locked up and I encountered excruciating pain even when doing simple, mundane tasks. I tried massage and experienced some relief, but I was still in pain and unable to lie on my right side at night. My days and nights were marked by continuing doses of Aleve.

As luck would have it my neighbor, when told of my travails, shared that her husband had had frozen shoulder and that he went to Wild Grace Wellness Center where his shoulder's range of motion was restored. I elected to give the Wellness Center a try and incredibly, the Myofascial Release Therapy offered there began to yield rapid improvement to my shoulder. After two twice a week sessions, my range of motion was restored and my pain was gone. I now go to the Wellness Center occasionally, when my body needs a "tune up."

I urge anyone with "frozen shoulder" to give Wild Grace Wellness Center a try. It sure worked for me.

Peter Mayo

Bowdoinham, ME