This next, beautifully written piece is from a Watsu recipient who wishes to remain anonymous. She received her first Watsu session at Wild Grace in January, 2011. Reiki Master Martha Spruce gently and lovingly co-treated.

I'm not sure yet if I can put into words what happened today.

I was so afraid. Afraid of this woman, afraid of the power she held, afraid of letting her hold me.

I could barely look at her initially, as we took a beginning stance and started to breath. At least that's what I was supposed to be doing. The beginning was harsh, not on her end, but on mine. My stomach felt like a rock, my limbs felt like tight coils. But slowly we breathed and slowly she moved me and slowly I began to let go.

She held me gently but firmly and I felt safe in her arms. She held me so gently that at times I barely noticed she was there. She moved carefully, never shocking.

At times I was fully present, feeling the water in my ears, the sun through the window. My worries that I was not relaxed enough alternated with feeling relaxed like I had never been before.

I heard some soft sounds under the water...her breath, a sigh, a tummy rumble, and I thought it was like being with the whales. A beautiful thing....

I felt at times that I really was in the ocean, free of care, free of fear.

I wanted images and colors; I wanted those things I have come to depend on lately to tell me that spirit is working. But aside from a brief and distant vision of my grandmother, there was nothing.

I am learning that spirit doesn't always work with pictures, colors, movies. Sometimes spirit works without the bells and whistles, and it is only afterwards that we are aware of it.

I felt Martha at my feet, Emily at my head. They worked together, flowing, holding, and stretching.

I felt them on either side of me.

The feeling of being surrounded, guided, and protected by these two incredible women was overwhelming.

They each took an arm, and stretched. I was open and vulnerable, but completely secure.

I was no longer separate. I was accepted. There was no fear anymore.

I felt an invitation to move forward in my spirit.

Martha moved away, and Emily took over again; more stretching, holding, and kneading. This time I am freer, I move more easily. I am held safely against her chest, facing out, her cheek resting against mine. It is so tender I want to cry. I am scrunched together, unfolded. Safety. Then release.

I suddenly feel my feet being planted on the bottom of the pool, wobbly like jelly. My back is against the side of the pool, but I don't want to come back yet.

Martha is there again, wrapping my arm around her side, unfolding my fingers, head next to mine. Emily is on the other side, hand on my forehead, on my chest.

I am surrounded once again, and grief raises its head briefly to allow itself to be comforted.

In a few minutes, I get out of the pool, but before I do, I dunk myself to smooth my hair. It seems appropriate, for this really was a baptism.

I feel joyous, renewed, strong, and brave. I feel ready to move forward, to leave the old behind, and embrace the new. I feel ready to take my place among these amazing women around me and ready to discover my purpose.

Thank you, Abba, for this experience. Thank you Emily, for helping me face my biggest fears. Thank you for what you do, for your gentle touch and loving heart. Thank you Martha for believing in me and seeing what I couldn't. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. May I move forward and make you all proud.

I am excited about my life. I am excited about the possibilities. I am proud tonight to be a woman and to witness the healing potential that we hold for others.